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04/13/2021- Updated to HTTPS format (SSL)
03-22-15- Added ParkZone Mosquito MK VI and P-51 Strega created by Kevin Riegel Get them from Recent Models

Heli's Included in Heli Pack 1


    3DMP with Canopy            3DMP No Canopy                   A109-K


              AH-6                             AirCrane                      Apache feral Beast


              Belt CP                 Blade CX-2 Police                    Blade CX-2


 Blade CX-2 Camouflage         Blade CX-2 Marine          Blade CX-2 Eflite Marine


            Cobra                           DragonFly                              EF-Sabre


        EP Concept                   Esky King V2 Yellow            HoneyBee FP Flames


   HoneyBee King (white)       HoneyBee Extreme Gear

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